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Robert Morris Head Coach Derek Schooley Shares Two Practice Drills with IceHockeyDrills.Info

Now that the new season is about to start I wanted to share two drills that Robert Morris Head Coach Derek Schooley shared with me. As with all drills, these should be run at a high tempo to ensure players are practicing at game speed. Both are full ice drills that run from both sides simultaneously.

Support 3 on 0 with Point Shot

St Paul 3-Shot

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RMU Head Coach @DerekSchooley Shares His Game Day Bench Card

Now that the new season is rapidly approaching, I thought it was a good time to share the game day bench card that Robert Morris head coach Derek Schooley shared with me. Each of us has their own way to track things on the bench during a game. Coach Schooley’s card has a nicely organized way to quickly see who you want to put on the ice in different situations. I would suggest printing this on some type of heavy stock so you can write on it easily. I hope this helps organize your bench experience.

RMU-Game_Card (Word Doc)

RMU-Game_Card (PDF)


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What I Now Know For Sure


via What I Now Know For Sure.

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Team Canada 2v0 / 2v1


I really like this drill a lot. It incorporates a number of aspects of play in just one drill. The drill starts with a reverse pass between the D and then a quick outlet pass. That part then moves down the ice, while a 2v1 begins in the opposite direction. The play down the other end has a shot on goal, a quick transition to a low to high pass, with the forward getting into a good screening position, for a point shot.

Be sure everyone is working at a high tempo and that all passes are hard tape-to-tape.


Team Canada 2v0-2v1

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Wednesday Drill of the Week: 2v1 to 4v2

Coach Chris Hall

2v1 to 4v2

Another transition drill, this one focuses on the offensive side of the transition game.

The drill starts with X1 and X2 (in black) crossing and attacking one D 2v1. Play out the rush.

On a whistle, X3 takes off with a puck. X1 and X2, as well as the D that played the 2v1 join him to create a 4 man rush. Two new D (in green) gap from the red line and play the rush 4v2. This rush plays out. On the whistle, two new players cross and attack 2v1. X3 provides backpressure on the 2v1 rush. The drill becomes continuous.

Areas of emphasis are quick transition from the 2v1 to 4v2. On the whistle, every player should be looking to quickly jump and attack on the change of direction. The D should activate quickly and look to get up ice to create a four man front.

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Coach Bennett and Union Win NCAA National Championship

Just want to congratulate Coach Bennett and his Union Dutchmen on their national championship success. Coach Bennett has helped me and my team with defensive zone coverage and skills and we won a championship. Obviously his techniques are pretty solid, helping him guide his team to their first national title. Our site has had input from a few of the coaches who took their teams to the Frozen Four tournament and we want to thank all of them for their willingness to help other coaches, while at the same time guiding their teams to great success. Once again, congratulations to Coach Bennett from my Jr Flyers team and all the coaches who use this site, we appreciate how special your accomplishment was today.

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Contributing D1 Coaches Win Conference Championships

I just wanted to offer a quick note of congratulations to two head coaches who contribute content to our site for winning their conference championships over the weekend.
First up is Derek Schooley (@DerekSchooley) for Robert Morris University. RMU scored five goals in the third period to take down Canisius 7-4 in the Atlantic Hockey final. Next is Mike Eaves and his Wisconsin Badgers (@BadgerMHockey). Trailing 4-2 to OSU with under seven minutes to play the Badgers scored two goals in 28 seconds to tie the score at four. In OT, the Badgers scored the winning goal at the 7:48 mark to take the Big Ten championship. Great job by both coaches getting their teams to the final game and winning the championship. To both men, thanks for your continued support of our site and congratulations on your teams conference championship.


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Design a Team / Coaches Room

I’ve been asked to help design a room at the rink where I coach that will be used by the coaches to view game video and provide an area where we can do “chalk talk” sessions with our teams. I thought I would put this out to the group who follow this site and see if they can help me with design ideas.

My first item would be a touch screen coaches board if possible. I’ve seen video of D1 universities that have these and was wondering if anyone knows of a company that sells them.

We have a 50″ flat screen monitor already for the room so I can go with standard PC connections and use something like DrillDraw.

I am looking for a piece of software that helps us break down film. I’ve seen a product called Steva that looks pretty cool. Has anyone used this software or something similar that you would recommend?

If I can’t find a touch screen board or they are too expensive, does anyone know of a company that makes the really large boards that hang on a wall? I found one called Focus Products online, anyone hear or ever use their boards?

If you have any input for me please hit me with some feedback, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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America’s Showcase Day #4

Getting ready to hit the bed but wanted to let those that are interested know that we won today and will play Pittsburgh for the championship tomorrow. We beat them 3-2 in the round robin so this should be another excellent game.

Spent some time having a great hockey conversation with

Bill Thompson, Gregg Riddle and Dave Baun tonight. Thanks guys for all the info.

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America’s Showcase Day #3

Big win for our team today beating Pittsburgh 3-2. We took a 2-0 lead late into the second period but got a little complacent and Pittsburgh fought back to tie the score midway through the third. We scored with 5:02 to play and hung on for the win.

This win moves us on to the playoff round against New Jersey. NJ won all three of their games in the “B” pool so they will be tough. Looking forward to the chance to play tomorrow in a meaningful game. Lots of scouts from big colleges were at the rink watching the game.

Again today I had a reader of the site stop and say hello to me (Chuck). We had a nice conversation about coaching. I really appreciate all the kind words from the readers and I will keep trying to get us good content from top coaches. Wish me luck again for tomorrow.

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