Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

Forechecking Systems

Neutral Zone Forechecking Options

In this video I describe to my team how to run the NZ Trap and the NZ Press systems. Each relies on the fact that you have good skaters and that they will skate hard during the forecheck. As with any forechecking system you try to run, if your skaters don’t work hard then you are likely to fail.

Neutral Zone Forecheck Video

Neutral Zone Trap Document

Neutral Zone Press Document

Offensive Zone Forechecking Options

As in the neutral zone, your skaters have to work hard to apply a good forechecking system in the offensive zone. Once again if they don’t skate hard you can be caught up ice and forced to defend odd man rushes.

1-2-2 Offensive Zone Forecheck Video

1-2-2 Basic Forecheck Document

1-2-2 Defenseman Carries Puck Document

1-2-2 D2D Pass Document

1-2-2 Defenseman Rims Puck Document

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