Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills



6 Part Skating Drill
1 x 1 Mirror
Defenseman Communication
St. Cloud
5 Agility Skating Drills
5 Defensemen Specific Skating Drills
D2D w/Shot Switch Sides
D Rim in Corner
Defensive Icing
D2D SupportDefense Escape Turn Drill
Offensive Blue Line Support Drill
Behind The Net Forecheck 2 on 1
Defenseman Shooting Sequence
D Lateral Skate With Shot
D Puck Movement
D Rim Pass Shoot
Full Circle Pivot With Pass
Swedish Shooting
Puck Protection
Off The Wall Dump
Lewis D2D Support
Horseshoe Skating

Breakout Simulation Drills

Right Up
Quick Up Option
D Over
Breakout Simulation

Hinge Drills

Hinge Drill

Hinge With Regroup Pass

Shot and Hinge


Golden Rules for Defensemen (article)


Full Circle Pivot Skating (Watch Video)

Puck Protection Skating Drill (Watch Video)

Horseshoe Skating (Watch Video)

Defending the 2 v 1 (Video)


Click to Download any of the above Drills

Click to Download any of the above Drills

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good drills – esp. For dmen struggling with positioning.?

  2. Kevin says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the coaching knowledge you are sharing. I will be starting out as an assistant at the midget level this season and this site has been a great help in giving me ideas that will help when working with our dmen.

  3. Jeff says:

    Finding good drills for defensemen is really hard. This site has a number of drills I have already used with success. I really like the cornerstone drill, it works so many parts of the defensemans game.

    Great job!

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