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Coach Eaves of Wisconsin Contributes a Nice Flow Drill

Division I University of Wisconsin head coach Mike Eaves has contributed another drill to our site. This one is a full ice flow drill that works on supporting the puck in all three zones of the ice. Coach Eaves tells me that he uses this drill every practice right now to get his players in the habit of supporting areas of the ice during the breakout. He suggests that at first you run the drill from only one end at a time and then when the players become proficient in the concepts and positioning you run it from both ends simultaneously. Check it out, hope you find it helpful.

FINN 3×0


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Coach Pooley of Notre Dame Offers Offensive Drills

Paul Pooley is the former head coach at Division I Providence college and now associate head coach at Notre Dame University. Coach Pooley offers us a few drills on building offensive attack options as you enter the zone to maximize scoring chances. These drills work on attack options that can be created when your players are skating hard and thinking about proper positioning entering the zone. Each drill is designed to work on different parts of the offensive attack. Hope you find these helpful.

3 on 0 Loose / Tight Gap
Tight Area 2 on 1
3 Quarter Ice 3 on 2
3 on 1 Transition To 4 on 2
3 on 1 Transition To 4 on 3


Keys to Scoring


  1. Player without the puck makes the play work as much as the player with the puck.
  2. You may not score on the first shot so attack the net and look for rebounds.
  3. Hit the net with your shots to increase your chances of scoring.
  4. Shoot for a rebound if a shot to score is unavailable.
  5. Scoring goals is hard work so be ready to work hard.




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Hockey Cheat Sheet

The guys over at HowToHockey.Com have put together an interesting “cheat sheet” for players to give an idea of what to do with the puck or your movement from different areas of the ice. Looks like a lot of work went into putting this together and I think it can serve a purpose for your players.

View the “Cheat Sheet

Download a Copy





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New Robert Morris University Drills

Coach Schooley, head coach at Division 1  Robert Morris University has once again offered his help and contributed four high level up tempo drill selections from his drill collection. These drills are designed to help your players work on skating, shooting, passing and timing. As with any high level drill, speed of execution is critical to the drills ability to help your players become better hockey players.

Coach Schooley has been a consistent contributor to this site in our two years of operation and we greatly appreciate his continued support and contributions.

If you’re interested you can follow Robert Morris Ice Hockey online or Coach Schooley on Twitter.


CAPS Shooting

MEANS Shooting

Middle Drive

St. Cloud Rush

View the past drills contributed by Coach Schooley RMU Drills




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A Few More Drills from the Canadian National Team

I can see from looking at the site stats that we have a very large number of coaches from Canada that use the site and the Canadian National Team Drills section takes a large number of hits daily. With that information in hand I went back and asked for a few additional drills and received four more last night.  I’ve actually used two of these drills in the past under different names and they work really well. Hope you like them.

Maple Leaf Passing

One Touch and Up

Quick Up

Swing Drill


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RIP Steve Jobs – Thanks for Changing the World

Apple commercial from the late 90’s. Steve Jobs belongs in this commercial if it were made today.


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Coaching Documents

I noticed that after I published the tri-fold scorecard that on Friday’s there were over 500 views of that document, so I assumed that coaches were printing it out for the weekend games. Since that was such a hit I thought I would pass along two other documents I use all the time. The first is what I prepare my practice plans on and the second is the game day scoresheet we use on the bench to track shots, goals and face-off wins/losses. I typically have the backup goaltender keep the stats on the bench while I keep track of plus/minus on the tri-fold card. I think it’s important to monitor the face-offs and plus/minus information during a game to see who is performing well that game.

Like the tri-fold card these are better suited to be printed on heavier stock paper. I use 110 lb card stock that can be purchased at any office supply type store.

The practice plan document has four pages, but I only use two of them. The first page is always used and then depending on the type of practice I am running I may change the second page to any of the three additional pages in the PDF file. Once you look at it you will understand better. The document is designed to be printed on the front and back of a single sheet of paper/card stock.

Anyway, here are the two documents, I hope you find them helpful.

Practice Plan
Game Day Scoresheet






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Skating Drills

As all of you know, skating is the single most important skill a player needs to be successful in this game. As a coach it is important to spend some time every practice on skating drills. At the younger levels we should spend most of the practice on skating and at the higher levels it is still good to add in one or two skating drills to a practice to keep the player’s skills at a high level. I spoke with a number of my coaching friends and came up with this list of drills that you can use to work on skating skills. Many of these drills can also be run on half ice for those of you who share ice with other teams.

Figure 8 #1
Figure 8 #2
Circle Two Nets
“S” Drill
Red Blue Touch
Dot Drill
2 on 0 Inside / Outside
3 on 0
Half Peanut
Full Peanut





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