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Robert Morris Univ Drills

Coach Schooley has a terrific DVD to help develop defensemen. Every coach should have a copy of this DVD, it is really well designed and thought out. I have a copy of it myself and use many of the drills with my defensemen every year.

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Backcheck 2 on 1
Montreal 1 touch
1 Touch Warm-Up
Philly Phantom
Jackson 5
Regroup with a Shot
Islanders One Touch
AVS 1 on 1
4 Dot Shooting
CAPS Shooting
MEANS Shooting
Middle Drive
St. Cloud Rush
Brownie Quick-Up 1×1
Worky Rush ID
Defenseman Shot and Hinge
Kosty Lateral Transition
Pearl Small Area Game
Canadians Reverse 1on1 (Watch Video)
Raider Passing Drill
Defensive Zone Coverage Drill
Chip Breakout (Watch Video)
RMU Reese 2v1 (Watch Video)

Support 3 on 0 with Point Shot

St Paul 3-Shot


Click to Download the Drills

Click to Download the Drills

6 Responses

  1. The DVD is 35 minutes or so.

  2. Coach G says:

    Is what is covered in the Schooley DVD the same as his Developing Defensemen presentation (pictured above), or is there more in the DVD? (Cost conscious coach here. LOL)

  3. Coach G says:

    Hi Coach Neilson,

    I was wondering if you’ve seen the DVD, Winning Hockey – Defense with Red Gendron.

    If so, how does it compare to the Derek Schooley DVD?

    • Coach G;

      I have not seen the Red Gendron DVD, but having met Red and spoken with him a few times I know he is a quality coach. I can only say that I use a number of the drills from the Schooley DVD in my practices every year and I’m confident that my defensemen are better because of it. I know that doesn’t really answer your question, but I do think the DVD is worth the investment.

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