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I’ve been asked to help design a room at the rink where I coach that will be used by the coaches to view game video and provide an area where we can do “chalk talk” sessions with our teams. I thought I would put this out to the group who follow this site and see if they can help me with design ideas.

My first item would be a touch screen coaches board if possible. I’ve seen video of D1 universities that have these and was wondering if anyone knows of a company that sells them.

We have a 50″ flat screen monitor already for the room so I can go with standard PC connections and use something like DrillDraw.

I am looking for a piece of software that helps us break down film. I’ve seen a product called Steva that looks pretty cool. Has anyone used this software or something similar that you would recommend?

If I can’t find a touch screen board or they are too expensive, does anyone know of a company that makes the really large boards that hang on a wall? I found one called Focus Products online, anyone hear or ever use their boards?

If you have any input for me please hit me with some feedback, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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  1. Great tips, I’ve been looking for some inexpensive software options, so far I’ve been chopping video with adobe video software manually. It’s great for customization however very time-consuming. Thanks again for sharing so many options!

  2. Anonymous says:

    we’ve used Steva Pro for the past 2 years and had excellent success with it. Easy to break down video, make clips for teaching and recruiting purposes. Coaching a Junior team in ontario it is an excellent software program. The cost is low as well.

  3. Rob Lopez says:

    Ron Mathurin


    STEVA Sports Software Inc.

    Visualize Success!

    Toll Free: 1-866-966-0656

    Direct: 1-613-889-5163

    Fax: 1-819-682-9608

  4. Eric says:

    I’m assuming that you have a good chunk of money so my suggestions are based of that….

    I think the boards that you are referring to are called “Smart Boards”. They are used in classrooms and allow you to combine technology with the classic dry erase board. They are expensive but are probably exactly what you are looking for.

    As for software…. “X’s and O’s” and “Gamebreaker” are two top of the line options. We use gamebreaker. I think it requires a Mac. It’s an expensive one time fee but it works great. You can code live or after. It allows you to database anything you clip, export player shifts to anything apple, (ipod, Ipad, etc) It’s very user friendly.

  5. First off I agree with Josh above on the Magnetic Paint. Another option, they make a paint that you can use a dry-erase marker on. I have no experience with them so I don’t know how well it works with heavy use, but you could make an entire wall like a whiteboard.

    As for video software, I used the’s solution two years ago. It is very good, especially for the price, however you will need Internet access. One of the features I really liked was the ability to tag a video for specific player(s) or for the whole team.

    As for Steva, I used Steva Plus (not Pro) this past season….as with any software there are pro’s and con’s. As for the Pro’s in my opinion, very easy tagging of “events and subevents”, ability to customize “events” as well as ability to create shortcut keys to tag an “event”, easy searching and filtering of events, and finally it does not require an Internet connection. Now for the cons; can not tag a video clip to a player, you just tag videos. Does not support HD video. I use an off-the-shelf Sanyo HD Camcorder, to get the video into Steva I have to another file format to import it into Steva. Once imported into Steva the video is now 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9 and the quality is not that good. Additionally, the Build Movie option to output tagged videos was buggie and did not output a very good quality video and only output option is to WMV file format. (I was hoping to output tagged video, upload to Vimeo and embed into my team website. The bad quality of the output did not allow me to do this effectively with Steva.)

    Overall the software was decent, they do offer a 30 day evaluation. Stevas’ support did attempt to fix my import issues for about a half hour, after that they asked me to upload a video clip to them so their developers could work with the video file format to attempt to solve the issue. After sending them the video file, they did not respond nor did they respond to any further emails I sent them. Needless to say I will not renew my Steva subscription this season.

    This season I decided to try, their marketing doesn’t say much about hockey but I talked to their sales folks and they have support for ice hockey and have many hockey customers. Some notes about; it is an online service so you will need Internet access. Has ability to tag videos for the whole team to view or individual players. Like Hockeyshare, players can create an account to log in and see their videos at home. One note here is that has Android and iOS apps in which coaches can log in and tag videos, and players can access their videos via their Droids, iPhones, iPads, iPods or their PC. Lastly it has a telestrator mode so you won’t need write on a piece of plexiglass over the TV.

    Lastly, my powerskating instructor had mentioned another product to look at called DartFish.

    Hope this helps.
    Chuck H.

  6. keeepaa says:

    Interior design, how exciting.
    1st: I would suggest Magnetic Paint (Liquid Magic Wall Paint). Paint the rink on a large wall and use magnets to map out plays and situations. Whiteboards also come with magnetic backs. Buy several if you have space and tape in the rink with colored craft tape on half of the board.
    2nd: Steva is progressively expensive. Kevin @ has one of the sharpest video teaching tools out there and it’s almost FREE (vimeo account upgrade). I edit the game film in Windows Live Movie Maker and only upload the high and low lights to vimeo. I then do a mark up on that through Hockeyshare.
    3rd 50″ screen is huge, buy a sheet of clear plexi or real glass and a little velcro. Stick it to the front of the monitor, Pause film and use wet erase (Vis-a-vis) right on the screen. Another option is to use a projector and hit the white half of your dry erase board.
    Love your website and your posts. Hope this is helpful.


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