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Coach Nielsen

Thanks for stopping by. This site contains information and drills that I have learned over the course of my 28 years on the ice. Everything is FREE, if I have a drill I will post it and you can use it. Before I post a drill I use it myself to make sure it actually serves a purpose. I’m not going to waste your time posting hundreds of useless drills just to fill up the site with content.

I consider myself a teacher first and a coach second. I’m a big believer in conditioning and feel that conditioning is the most important part of coaching a hockey team. Through the years I have had the great pleasure of meeting some very knowledgeable coaches as well as some very famous coaches. I always take the time to seek out coaches and ask them questions so I can continue to learn.

I have coaches come to me all the time to ask questions and I always try to take the time to give my best thought out answer. Too many coaches want to keep things “close to the vest” and not share, I don’t believe that’s the way to build this great game.

Contributing writer for Slapshot magazine
A few articles I’ve been a part of.
Edmonton Oilers Copper and Blue

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