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Design a Team / Coaches Room

I’ve been asked to help design a room at the rink where I coach that will be used by the coaches to view game video and provide an area where we can do “chalk talk” sessions with our teams. I thought I would put this out to the group who follow this site and see if they can help me with design ideas.

My first item would be a touch screen coaches board if possible. I’ve seen video of D1 universities that have these and was wondering if anyone knows of a company that sells them.

We have a 50″ flat screen monitor already for the room so I can go with standard PC connections and use something like DrillDraw.

I am looking for a piece of software that helps us break down film. I’ve seen a product called Steva that looks pretty cool. Has anyone used this software or something similar that you would recommend?

If I can’t find a touch screen board or they are too expensive, does anyone know of a company that makes the really large boards that hang on a wall? I found one called Focus Products online, anyone hear or ever use their boards?

If you have any input for me please hit me with some feedback, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks.

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