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Half Ice Drills Section Added to Site

With more and more teams going to shared ice practices to save money, the need for solid half ice drills has become more and more in demand. Those of you who follow my site know that I try very hard not to post drills that I haven’t already run myself with one of my teams. Before I post a drill I want to be sure it serves a purpose. With that being said, I have spent a good deal of time since September trying different half ice drills so I could be sure I was giving you good drills to work with. Here is a collection of 40 drills to start with and I will continue to add more as I go along the remainder of the season. Remember to also add small area games to your half ice practices (even full ice when you can) because they are a great way to incorporate game type situations into a fun drill.


Half Ice Drills

Small Area Games






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51K Unique Visitors in November

I try not to put out too much personal stuff on this site but I just had to take a minute to thank everyone who visits this site. In September 2009 when I started this simple site I had 551 visitors and thought I was rolling in traffic. Over the past two years I’ve seen the count grow each month to the point that last month there were 51,649 unique visitors and over 250,000 views of individual drills. I’m sure there are sites on the internet that garner far more traffic than this for their hockey drills but I am overwhelmed by the success of this simple site. When I first started I thought I could get a few thousand hits, but never anything like this. So, a heartfelt thank you to every coach that visits my site and I hope that I can continue to bring you useful information and drills going forward, all FREE .

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