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Power Play

Power Play – Modified Umbrella

This is a 10 minute video describing the Modified Umbrella Power Play that we use. Obviously there are many options that can be implemented for the power play and this is just one of the many. Below the video there are links to PDF files that describe the formations and actions in detail.

Modified Umbrella Power Play Document

Power Play Breakout

Here is an option for the power play breakout that can be used to quickly move the puck back into the offensive zone.

Power Play Breakout Document

7 Responses

  1. paul young says:

    Thanks Coach,that how we run our practice also.Paul.

  2. paul young says:

    Hi Coach luv your drills we use them all the time Coaching a aaa bantam team and we use a modified overload/umbrella pp and have had great success was wondering if you had any drills you like to practice for your pp we usually set up and work with lite pressure but would like to know what drills you use to help your pp.Thanks Paul.

    • Paul, thanks for the kind words. Honestly, I don’t run specific drills for the PP. I do break it down into components and have the players work each part for a time so they can get used to what each position does. For example I would take the three forwards and put them in their initial position (two in front, one on the half wall). I would then have them move through the different options in our PP off the half wall. I’m a big believer in low to high puck movement from the forwards to the D, so I will work some basic passing stuff going low to high then D2D for shots. Normally I start the PP practice with just 5v0 and only puck movement without shooting. Then I will add in two defensive players to provide light pressure. Then we go to 5v4 with the defensive players holding their sticks upside down and then finally into the full 5v4 with the defensive players working to kill the PP. I think the PP needs to get used to moving the puck to the open player and getting pucks to the net. Don’t forget to practice the PP breakout. A good BO can really put pressure on your opponent, so be sure to spend the time working on it. Hope this helps.

  3. Geoff Ley says:

    Hi Coach,

    Our team (Minor Midget A team) have been using the ½ wall option on our power play without lots of success. There is way too much passing and not enough shooting.

    I was watching the Ottawa Senators PP last night and they keep one man high (quarterback ) and drop down f2 and d2 on each side of the rink between the hash marks and top of circle, out wide. They then place two man in front of the net (always never leave the net ) for deflections and rebounds. Seems pretty simply to me and they work the puck up high between d1 (quarterback ) and d2 and f1 who are out wide for the shot, one timer or shot at the net. The other player f1 if d2 shoots goes to the net for rebounds.

    D1 always stays high, 4 attacking the net if necessary.

    Wondering what you think of this power play set up? This is a 5-4 situation. I don’t know if this is a umbrella set up of sorts, what I like about this is 2 man are in front of the net always.

    We have some kids who can really shoot the puck.

    Not sure if it too risky?

    I like your idea about placing the boys on thier opposite wings.

    Thanks! Geoff

    I tried to send a picture but did not know how to attach it.

    • Geoff;

      You are describing an umbrella PP and I like it a lot for high level players, but am a bit more cautious with younger players. The biggest concern is always the guy at the top (quarterback), because if he makes a bad play with the puck you could be looking at a breakaway for the opponent. Bottom line is you need a QB who can handle the puck and most importantly a player you can trust to make good decisions under pressure.

      • Geoff says:

        Thanks again, for sure. I am thinking I might give one of our better thinking forwards the chance to play the high man for the PP.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I love your web site! We were playing a midget team tonight who had a strong forecheck when we were on the power play.. We had trouble breaking out and gave up 2 short handed goals. Lots to work on but I was wondering if you have a favourite PP BO against a hard forecheck?

    I have some ideas, we have to get back ASAP and BO normally, D to D, with forward helping if necessary.

    I appreciate any comments. thank-you, Geoff / geoffley@rogers,com

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