Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills


Power Play Breakouts


Post-Up Power Play Breakout

Quick-Up Power Play Breakout

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  1. Doug Wright says:

    Hey coach,

    just wondering which is the best basic breakout to teach 13,14 year olds at bantam AA level can you provide any feed back.

  2. Jim Quinlan says:

    On all these PP Breakouts i would like to know when do you use which one i.e which one do you use when they are pressuring or when they Play a “T” or Play a box in our Zone thank you

    • Jim,

      These plays are listed as possible breakouts that a coach may want to use on the PP, not specifically to be broken down in detail. I would say in general, for myself and my teams, I will typically have two PP breakouts that we practice. Each of them has a component to deal with pressure. As an example on the two videos above, we would bring the high D down low if we see hard pressure against the puck carrier. Also, keep in mind that on the PP if the opponent chases behind the net, they are then allowing the puck carrier the ability to exit the opposite side of the net and put pressure on the opponent with one less defender. I would suggest that you select one PPBO and teach your team how to run the basic setup. Then teach the team how to rotate out of the basic setup to work against different types of pressure. As I said earlier, my teams will typically have two BO options and if we see the opponent doing something that we are having trouble with we will switch to our second BO and force the opponent to modify their attack. At times we will have each PP unit run a different BO so our opponent will not be able to just “sit” on a specific BO. Another thing to take into account is your teams ability to adjust under different circumstances. Remember hockey is not a black and white game, it is just shades of gray and read and react is the key component to all parts of the game. Hope this helps.

  3. What program are you using for the video?

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