Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills


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Please understand that I am only posting drills that I have run myself with my teams, drills that I think are worth the effort, drills that I think accomplish a specific goal. Most coaches have only an hour each week with their teams and you have to make sure everything you run accomplishes a goal, so I will not waste your time posting hundreds of drills that are too simple or just too useless to run.

I am a big believer in using small area games to work on hockey specific actions and I believe you should try and bring two or three of these games into your practice. I think these small area games really help players learn how to think and react in real-life game type situations. Plus they bring a lot of fun to practice while teaching at the same time. Check out the Small Area Game articles posted on this site to better understand the usefulness of the games.

Most importantly is that you enjoy practice and help your players learn how to be better hockey players. 

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