Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

1 v 1 Drills

1v1 3 Passes
1v1 Backcheck
1v1 Center Circle Touch
1v1 Center Ice Angle Drill
1v1 Continuous
1v1 Corner Battle
1v1 Four Times
1v1 FullIce
1v1 Mirror
1v1 Snake
2 Pass With 1v1 Finish
2 Shot 1v1
3 Way 1v1
Breakout 1v1
Brownie Quick Up 1v1
Canadians Reverse 1v1
Center Ice Circle 1v1
Czech 1v1
D in Middle Rim 1v1
Double 1v1
MacLeod 1v1
Mich Tech 1v1
Rim Deflect 1v1
Russian 1v1
WC 1v1 Or 2v1
Canadian 1on1 BO-Regroup (Watch Video)
Canadian 1on1 Both Ends (Watch Video)


Click to Download the Drill

Click to Download the Drills in this section

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