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Speed Strength Size Conditioning (S3 Formula)

From time-to-time I am offered to participate in different hockey specific programs . Coach Weiss is offering a $50 OFF deal on his S3 Formula training. Take a look at his website by clicking the image below and see if you are interested. Enter code MOTHERSDAY50 if you decide to purchase. This may be something you want to pass along to your players for the off-season.

Here is a short link you can give to your players if you think they might be interested

The sale is just for this weekend so take a look.

Jeremy Weiss the developer of the S3 program is an excellent coach out west and a former high level hockey player. He has a college education in athletic conditioning and nutrition and is someone I respect for his knowledge of the game and how to improve your ability. Check out the videos and move forward if you find it to be of interest to you or your players.

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