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Coaches Tri-Fold Scorecard

Our season started this past weekend (with two wins) and after the first game a coach who was watching came over and asked me what I was holding in my hand all game long and looking at. I told him I have a customized scorecard that I keep my lines on along with pre-game notes, plus/minus info and other game day info I may need during a game. He asked if I had an extra one with me so he could copy it and unfortunately I didn’t, but I did direct him to our site and told him I would post a generic version of the document that he could print. So, here is that document. It is designed to be printed on a heavier stock of paper (I use card stock – 110lb – you can get it at Staples), with a page on both sides and then tri-folded so you can fit it in your inside jacket pocket. Maybe it’s something you find useful.

Coaches Tri-Fold Scorecard


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3 Responses

  1. Phil Voutier says:

    Love it , Thanks coach

  2. Thanks Coach! I’ve been looking for something just like this.

  3. Mark trovato says:

    Hi Coach I am having issues trying to open the file. Any ideas? Thank you.

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