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Pre-Practice Skating Drills

Here are a few pre-practice skating drills I like to use to get the players and goaltenders warmed up. Each drill has the goaltenders doing goaltender specific skating drills instead of skating with the team. As we all know goaltenders very rarely need to skate the length of the ice or do transition moves, so I keep them out of the team skating drills and give them specific goaltender skating drills to work on.

The entire set of four skating drills should take five to seven minutes at the top of your practice ice time and give the players a good warm-up. The fourth skating drill is a high speed drill and the goaltenders can use that time to get ready for shooting drills that are likely to come next.

Hope these help and give you ideas to work around. Remember, there are thousands of skating drills you can use, these are just a few I have had success with over the years.

2 Pattern Pre-Practice Warm-Up

2 Pattern Pre-Practice Warm-Up

Backward to Forward with Stops

Backward to Forward with Stops

Backward to Forward Crossover

Backward to Forward Crossover

BC Box Skate

BC Box Skate

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Defense Escape Turn Drill

Here is a drill I found on another very good drill site ( Those who have read my posts know that I am big on working defensemen basic skills and I think this drill really does just that. I used this drill with my 16AA team and it worked very nicely along with some of my own skating drills for defensmen.

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Skating Drill for Defensemen

Here is an animated look at a drill I like to run with the defensemen every second or third paractice that works on skating moves specific to the defensemen. The drill works on short passing, backward skate while carrying the puck, pivots and escape moves. I have posted other defense specific drills in the drill section as well.

6 Part Skating Drill

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4 Corners Practice Drill

I picked this drill up from Joel Queneville of the Chicago Blackhawks.

You should run this drill at the beginning of practice after your team has completed their warm-up skate. The drill works on passing, shooting and gives a good warm-up to the goaltenders.

The drill is run in three parts and should take about 10 minutes.

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