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Wisconsin Head Coach Mike Eaves – Slovak 1v0 Middle Drive Drill

Here is one final drill from Mike Eaves. This is another passing drill that works on the stretch pass to a player driving the middle of the ice. Be sure that the players are skating hard on the drive portion of the drill. This will get them used to the speed they need to move at to possibly beat a defenseman up the middle of the ice. Have the players in line making the passes move their feet so they aren’t stationary during their portion of the drill.

You can also add a player to the net front area to work on screening and rebounds. This will force the goaltender to make smart plays with the puck off of a save.

I hope you’ve found the drills posted the past few days from Coach Eaves helpful. I want to thank Coach Eaves for the drills and wish him great success in the upcoming season.

Once again, I would like to thank the guys at for their really easy to use animation software, that help bring these drills to life.


>Slovak 1v0 MiddleDrive



Click to Download the Drills

Click to Download the Drills


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