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Post-Up Half Ice Passing Drill

Every week when I look at the site statistics I see that the half ice drill section is always at or near the top for views. I know many organizations are going to more shared ice practices to save on cost and get players on the ice more often. This new dynamic is causing coaches to seek new drills to work on skills for the whole team while keeping it to half a sheet of ice. I ran this drill with my team last night and it worked nicely once we got the flow right. Make sure F1 comes up high between the D so he can better time his entry back across the blue line. This is a drill that works on quick passing skills as well as a play that your team will use during games, posting up and chip passing to an incoming skater.

If you don’t have access to two nets you can run this with one net in the normal spot, just have all the players on one side of the ice.

Post-Up 5 Pass Drill


Click to Download the above Drill

Click to Download the  Drill


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  1. Rudi says:

    Hi Coach,

    Thanks for a great site! I use it frequently as a input & inspiration source when designing practices for a team of 12-year old players that I coach in Finland.

    One drill that I’ve run a lot during the last weeks is your Post-Up 5 Pass Drill. We’ve run it from all four corners simultaneously and it’s a great way to get a lot of players involved in a game-like passing training at the same time, minimizing waiting in line.
    I slightly modified the player rotation in the drill into: F2->D1->D2->F1->F2 (i.e. the skater in the drill starts from D2 position, and all players rotate through all positions).

    Thanks again for the site!

  2. doug petrie says:

    Doug Petrie

  3. Anonymous says:

    hi coach Nielsen ,
    I will run your half ice drill dombro 5 pass next Monday
    i have been using your drills for my team here in Madrid (Spain) we play the spain national league second division and I really enjoy your comments and driils.
    I have a request .we have about 15 minutes pre game warm up, do you have a complete pregame warm up that you can post?

    thanks again coach!!!

    • There are many different drills you can use to get your team warmed up before a game but here are a few you can use to get started.
      Typically I have my team skate around the zone for a few minutes without shooting to get the heart rate up.
      Next we form four lines at the blue line. D on the outside at the blue line and Forwards on the inside on the blue line. I have the players take different types of shots at the goaltenders to start to get them warmed up. The D take slap shots from the point and the Forwards skate in a few feet and take snap or wrist shots. After that all the players are in the neutral zone and we have two D on the blue line and a line of forwards. One forward dumps a puck in deep and we execute a 5 v 0 breakout. The forwards then cycle back into the zone for a 3v2 attack. The attack has to be quick and just one shot or pass before the next group starts. The final part is for the players to skate down the middle of the ice and up the walls and while doing that they pick up the pucks and shoot them into the open net. That warm-up takes our team 10 minutes and can be easily expanded to fill the 15 minute allowance you have or you could add another simple drill in. One drill that a lot of teams do is a simple 2 v 1. Forwards in both corners and the D next to one of the lines. One forward from each line start at the same time and a D carries the puck up to the hash marks and makes a pass to one of the forwards. The forwards cross in the neutral zone while the D gaps up to the blue line. The play comes back in 2 v 1 against the defenseman.

  4. Steve Bunker says:

    Thanks Great Drill. keep more half ice drills coming.


  5. Will McCarthy says:

    Hi Coach, I’ve been following your blog/posts for a few years now. I really like, enjoy and appreciate the drills you provide. I am especially appreciative of the half ice drills these days as I seem to have more and more half ice practices scheduled. I can rely on your drills being effective and useful almost 100% of the time. Thanks for all you do!Will McCarthy. Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 19:46:00 +0000 To:

    • Will, thanks for the kind words. I know how frustrating it can be to have too many half ice practices, so hopefully these drills will add a little extra to the practice. I’ll keep trying to post beneficial half ice drills when I come upon them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Coach Nielsen,

      Your site is frickin awesome, one of THE best out there. I have told all our coaches in our association about your site – excellent.

      Thank you very much,

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