Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

St. Norbert’s 1×1 Warm-up Drill

Here’s another drill from the coaches at St. Norbert’s. This drill can be used at any time during a practice session but I like it as an early practice warm-up type of drill. Give it a try.

1on1 – 3 Passes


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2 Responses

  1. Steve MacLeod says:

    Hi Coach I do this drill as well . I however have my Dman and f’s in opposite corners . D starts in corner skates to top of circle pivots retrieves puck behind the net , now forward leaves ( same end) d passes to forward heading up ice . The forward now passes to d in other corner , that d passes over to f on other side , f passes to f who started the drill then goes 1on1 vs the d who originally broke him out . Both ends same time . Great flow and gap for d Steve MacLeod Edmonton

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