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America’s Showcase Day #2

Played the team from New England and lost 5-1. Score was 2-1 until middle of the third and then two goals in the last minute when we were jumping every play to try and get a goal. The NE team was strong and fast and our boys just didn’t have the same drive and intensity that NE had. A number of very talented players on NE, but that is expected with players from that area of the country.

The scouts are all over some of our players and that’s nice to see. Tomorrow we play Pittsburgh and not sure what to think. Watched them play yesterday and  beat NE 2-1 and then today they lost to the Mid-West team we beat yesterday 7-1. I guess that’s why you play the games. Game will determine our place in the playoffs on Saturday. A win will certainly get us in and a loss will likely send us home. We’ll have to have the boys ready to play.

I want to thank Greg Riddle (hope I got your name right) for stopping by and saying hello to me. He is one of the followers on this site and is coaching one of the teams in the tournament. Was pretty cool to have someone come up and say how much they like the site. Every once in a while I will meet someone at a rink that follows the site and they are always really nice to me, so thanks to Greg and all of you.

Wish us luck, I’d really like to make the playoffs on Saturday.


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  1. Mike Chalmers says:

    Best of luck coach.
    May your boys be ready knowing that there are many scouts watching to see how they handle the pressure.
    May they enjoy the experience with the only pressure being
    that they give their best.

    At this stage in their journey may that just be a part of their character so for them there is no real pressure.
    I love Emmitt Smith’s saying regarding respect. ” I expect respect from others and I demand it from myself.”


    Coach Mike

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