Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

Coach Pooley of Notre Dame Offers Offensive Drills

Paul Pooley is the former head coach at Division I Providence college and now associate head coach at Notre Dame University. Coach Pooley offers us a few drills on building offensive attack options as you enter the zone to maximize scoring chances. These drills work on attack options that can be created when your players are skating hard and thinking about proper positioning entering the zone. Each drill is designed to work on different parts of the offensive attack. Hope you find these helpful.

3 on 0 Loose / Tight Gap
Tight Area 2 on 1
3 Quarter Ice 3 on 2
3 on 1 Transition To 4 on 2
3 on 1 Transition To 4 on 3


Keys to Scoring


  1. Player without the puck makes the play work as much as the player with the puck.
  2. You may not score on the first shot so attack the net and look for rebounds.
  3. Hit the net with your shots to increase your chances of scoring.
  4. Shoot for a rebound if a shot to score is unavailable.
  5. Scoring goals is hard work so be ready to work hard.




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