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New Robert Morris University Drills

Coach Schooley, head coach at Division 1  Robert Morris University has once again offered his help and contributed four high level up tempo drill selections from his drill collection. These drills are designed to help your players work on skating, shooting, passing and timing. As with any high level drill, speed of execution is critical to the drills ability to help your players become better hockey players.

Coach Schooley has been a consistent contributor to this site in our two years of operation and we greatly appreciate his continued support and contributions.

If you’re interested you can follow Robert Morris Ice Hockey online or Coach Schooley on Twitter.


CAPS Shooting

MEANS Shooting

Middle Drive

St. Cloud Rush

View the past drills contributed by Coach Schooley RMU Drills




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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Pops. I have used several pay services and none of them offer drills worth paying for. On this site we get drills from high level D1 and D3 coaches and I feel they are really quality drills that actually make my players better. The fact that this site offers everything for FREE is AWESOME!!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Pops Ryan says:

    not sure if I am allowed to say this here, but to be 100% honest, this site along with Weiss Tech have the absolute best material on the web. There are a lot of coaches who pay a lot of money for a whole lot less than what we are getting here. Bless your heart, Coach Neilsen.

    • Pops, thanks for the kind words. I too visit Weiss Tech’s site to see what’s up. Jeremy is a quality coach and has lots of great info on his site. I’m fortunate that high level coaches like Coach Schooley contribute to the site and give our readers some stuff that may not be available elsewhere.

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