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I noticed that after I published the tri-fold scorecard that on Friday’s there were over 500 views of that document, so I assumed that coaches were printing it out for the weekend games. Since that was such a hit I thought I would pass along two other documents I use all the time. The first is what I prepare my practice plans on and the second is the game day scoresheet we use on the bench to track shots, goals and face-off wins/losses. I typically have the backup goaltender keep the stats on the bench while I keep track of plus/minus on the tri-fold card. I think it’s important to monitor the face-offs and plus/minus information during a game to see who is performing well that game.

Like the tri-fold card these are better suited to be printed on heavier stock paper. I use 110 lb card stock that can be purchased at any office supply type store.

The practice plan document has four pages, but I only use two of them. The first page is always used and then depending on the type of practice I am running I may change the second page to any of the three additional pages in the PDF file. Once you look at it you will understand better. The document is designed to be printed on the front and back of a single sheet of paper/card stock.

Anyway, here are the two documents, I hope you find them helpful.

Practice Plan
Game Day Scoresheet






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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You provide some great information here that is useful to coaches of all levels. I use something similar to your game day scoresheet but will be making the switch to the one you posted.

    I hope it is permissable to use some of your post as a coaching tool by sending players drill links and videos.

    Thank you,

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