Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

Skating Drills

As all of you know, skating is the single most important skill a player needs to be successful in this game. As a coach it is important to spend some time every practice on skating drills. At the younger levels we should spend most of the practice on skating and at the higher levels it is still good to add in one or two skating drills to a practice to keep the player’s skills at a high level. I spoke with a number of my coaching friends and came up with this list of drills that you can use to work on skating skills. Many of these drills can also be run on half ice for those of you who share ice with other teams.

Figure 8 #1
Figure 8 #2
Circle Two Nets
“S” Drill
Red Blue Touch
Dot Drill
2 on 0 Inside / Outside
3 on 0
Half Peanut
Full Peanut





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