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Wisconsin Badgers Half Ice Drill

Coach Mike Eaves of the Division 1 Wisconsin Badgers has contributed a drill to the site that works in a half ice setting and incorporates passing, shooting, transition and skating all into one drill. I ran this drill with my team the other day and it works very well. Take a look and give it a try and let me know what you think.

Coach Eaves has offered to give us additional drills each month throughout the season, so we look forward to those contributions.

Wisconsin Badgers Half Ice Drill – AROSA


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One Response

  1. Pops Ryan says:

    nice drill. my thought is to move X2 a little higher up in the N-Zone and use this as a timing drill ( make the regroup quickly, keep the breakout pass on the tape, and keep the play onside ) may be a nice way to open up a practice session.

    PS this is my favorite hockey web site…BY A WHOLE LOT.

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