Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills Article on Video Games with quotes from Some of Our Readers

A few weeks back Adam Kimelman of contacted me about the usefulness of video games in developing hockey players. I put that question to our readers and Adam contacted a few of them to discuss their opinions. Below is the article Adam posted with quotes from myself and our readers. Thanks for the help everyone.




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  2. Josh Steel says:

    Hi coach:
    I watched this trend all year with my Midget/High School kids when we were on the road. At first I thought I might have some teaching opportunities here. I can see your point about watching specific situations from a different point of view.
    My ah ha moment came when we had a chance to watch the winter classic between games at a new years tourney. It was like pullin teeth. All they wanted to do was play Nofriendo.
    Later in the season I tried to get them excited about a televised college game. Nofriendo.
    Great game of the week- Nofriendo.
    Four of em would play-six more would watch. They would rather watch that then the real thing. That is when I realized how little hockey these kids were watching. THIS IS BAD.
    These kids are growing up fans of the video game instead of the sport. BAD BAD BAD.
    Coach Steel
    PS- If you are seeing a blight of behind-the-back, blind, backhand passes out on your ice- smash the Nofriendos. If you can’t get kids to pull the trigger in the slot- choosing instead to try one more move, crush the controllers. If you are seeing increased trash talking, pushing, shoving and scrapping after the whistle- it’s too late.

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