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Rick-O-Shay Shooter Tutor

How many times have you had a good practice planned only to have your goaltender call and say he wasn’t going to make it to practice that night. Or maybe you had a practice planned where you needed two goaltenders to really make it work and one of them called up sick. Two years ago I purchased a Rick-O-Shay shooter tutor ( and it was a great investment. This practice tool does so much more than just block shots. When a goalie doesn’t show up for practice it gives me something I can put in the net that is much better than the standard piece of wood that all rinks have in a corner someplace. I can also use this to help my players work on shooting accuracy.

The Rick-O-Shay is made of a very hard plastic that can stand up to the rigors of slapshot after slapshot. You can see in the photo that it has shooting holes in three of the standard places but adds a more realistic five hole and above the pad location as well, and for fun a catching glove with its own netting. In two years of use it has no damage at all. There are loads of scuff marks from the pucks hitting it but no damage. I think the best part is the 3D form of the goaltender that is part of the design. When players take shots at the goalie you get more realistic rebounds coming off in all directions. My players ask me “where’s Rick” if I don’t bring him to a practice.

The Rick-O-Shay is pretty large so you need a car capable of fitting the two pieces. Each piece is about 4 feet by 3 feet. It is held onto the net using bungee cords in six locations and the two pieces are held together with six wingnut screws on the backside. It takes me about ten minutes to screw it together and attach it to the net.

As always, I don’t make any money from telling you about products. I use them myself and then let you know my thoughts. I think the Rick-O-Shay is something every coach can find a use for and something every rink should have. The price is pretty high at $275, but you get what you pay for and the quality of this is very good.

Does anyone else have and use a Rick-O-Shay? If so what do you think of him? Give us some feedback so the other coaches can get a better idea.


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  1. Kevin says:

    Our club has two of these that we keep around the rink. They’re awesome. They withstand the constant pounding of our Midget Major team without issue. We’ve had them now for 3 years and haven’t had any issues. My opinion – they’re well worth the investment……just don’t be surprised if your shooters don’t score on it! 🙂

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