Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

One Year Online

Today is the one year anniversary of  this site and I wanted to thank everyone who visits for their interest and contributions.

In one year we have had 55,468 hits, which isn’t too bad since I thought back when I started that we would get just a few hits per day. The summer months were slow for obvious reasons but starting two weeks ago we started getting 300 to 400 hits per day again. If you are interested here are some of the stats for the past year.

Top 3 Pages

  1. Defensemen
  2. Passing
  3. Breakout Drills

The contributions by Army, Robert Morris and NE University have had major success but have only been online a few months so the numbers aren’t as high for them right now. I suspect that by next year they will be the three most visited pages on the site.

Top 3 Drills

  1. 7 Cycling Drills
  2. Cornerstone
  3. Spartan 3×2

I have answered 217 email questions from readers covering all types of subjects.

There are 114 coaches subscribed to the email list and growing each day.

We have had contributions made by 7 DI coaches and 9 DIII coaches.

My hope is that more DI coaches will agree to contribute to the site to share their knowledge with the rest of us coaches. I will continue to contact those coaches and ask for input.

So thanks for turning what I hoped would be a fun little website into one of the places you go to find helpful information to make your practices more interesting.

To all the coaches out there, enjoy what you do and keep teaching.

Coach Bob Nielsen


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One Response

  1. Tyleah says:

    Congrats on reaching the 1 year mark!

    As I’m new to playing hockey, I’ve loved reading all your articles and absorbing all the info I can to get to know in’s & out’s of the sport.

    Thanks. I can’t wait to see what year #2 has in store.

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