Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

18AAA National Championships

Back from Chicago after an incredible week of excitement. The championship game went to the Chicago Mission 7-1, but the game was just 2-1 after two periods. The third period saw the Jr. Flyers take a few penalties that led to power play goals and the team just sort of brokedown after that.

The AYHL had two teams make the final four and one to the finals. I think that speaks very highly about the talent level that is building in this area of the country. Not normally known in years past as a powerhouse, things are changing as more and more players come out of the Atlantic District and go on to play at DI and DIII colleges. Seven of the Jr. Flyer players were invited to NAHL or EJHL try-out camps off their performance at the National tournament.

As much fun as the past week was, it all starts over today as most youth teams begin their evaluation process this week. I remember when hockey evaluations were in September, now it’s an all year long marathon!

Good luck to all of you for next season.


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2 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Congrats on a heck of a season! Always tough to play the home team in those games.

  2. Dave Hill says:

    Hi coach what are your recommendations for handling evals for the next season, the players will be squirt-peewee level, I was thinking various skills stations but wanted hear some other possible scenarios

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