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18AAA Nationals Day 3

Another exciting day at the tournament. The game I wanted to see was St. Mary’s against Mid-Fairfield and it was very exciting through the first two periods. Fairfield outplayed St. Mary’s in the first period but couldn’t score and as the game progressed the St. Mary’s talent took over and eventually took them to a 6-3 victory. St. Mary’s is likely to finish first in their division with Belle Tire, Boston Jr. Bruins and the Pittsburgh Hornets rounding out the four teams going to the play-offs on Saturday.

The Jr. Flyers finished the round robin play 3-0 with their 2-0 victory over the Alaskian All-Stars, with both goals coming from tournament leading goal scorer Dan Dupell. The Jr. Flyers finished second in their division behind host team the Chicago Mission. Both teams finished 3-0 but since the Flyers won their first game in OT they got one fewer point for that game and lost out to Chicago by 1 point. Tomorrow brings the Flyers up against Belle Tire in the National quarterfinal match-up. Should be a good game.


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  1. Dave Hill says:

    Good Stuff coach, nice to hear when local teams are doing well.


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