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Visualization for Hockey Success

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Brett Henning

Today’s players spend over 500 hours every season practicing on the ice, training off the ice, and doing whatever it takes on top of that to be the best physically prepared player they can. The game has become so competitive that it’s hard to separate yourself from the pack as you move up to better and better competition.

I truly believe that the mental part of the game is often neglected and affects a player’s performance just as much, if not more then, the physical preparation above. In my book the       7 Pre-Game Habits of Pro Hockey Players I devote a whole chapter to Visualization. Researching the book I found that every star performer in any area, such as Navy Seals, bodybuilders, CEO’s, etc. use visualization to consistently attain that high level of performance.

Without getting too technical, every situation on the ice creates experiences that your brain can recall back whether positively or negatively in the future. By visualizing correctly your brain can’t tell the difference that you’re not on the ice and has the same experiences. Except with visualization you can control the experiences in your favor to bring up positive emotions such as confidence and eliminate negative emotions such as anxiety.

Visualizing before the game will allow a player to get the most out of their physical training.

I created a webpage to give you full access to the Visualization chapter. With a quick read you can implement visualization in your next game to eliminate the emotions that are holding you back and reinforce the positive emotions to help your team.

Here’s the link:

“Amateur players have excellent games. Pro players have

game excellence.”

—–Pat Riley


I am not asking anyone to purchase the book, that is your decision. I just think that the chapter on visualization is worth the 30 minutes it will take to read it. I hope you enjoy and learn something from the chapter.

Coach NIelsen

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