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One Piece Hockey Sticks Worth the Cost or Overpriced Headache?

Are you like me and fed up with paying $200 for a hockey stick and having it break after only a few weeks? One of my sons plays college hockey and the other plays 18AAA. So far this season I have purchased 9 composite/one piece sticks! I know I’m the fool for continuing to purchase a product that lasts four or five weeks at the most. Twice this year the stick company replaced the stick because it broke within the first 30 days. Twice the stick broke between the 30 day and 45 day mark and three times the stick broke within 60 days!

I coach two high level teams and every game I will see two or three broken sticks and each time my first thought is “I bet there’s a parent in the crowd thinking, there goes another $200”.

I can only say that if any other business sold a $200 product that lasted on average 45 days, they would be out of business pretty quickly. So why do we continue to buy these products? I know I am living proof that the marketing of these items is what is selling them. My sons believe they play better with the latest one piece hockey stick, but is that really true. Do these sticks really improve a players game significantly enough to pay so much for a stick? I see mite and squirt players playing with sawed off composite sticks that cost $150. Have we all gone mad!

I would like to hear some of your stories about these sticks. My plan is to try and get enough people involved to see if we can change the warranty from these manufacturers to 60 or 90 days.


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  1. Coach Craig Wilson says:

    I coach Tier 1 squirts in Maine and we had a little spur of the moment test. Wood vs. Carbon fiber (cf)

    weight = carbon fiber approximately 1 lb lighter
    flex at 80, simlar flex in both types stronger rebound in CF
    shot velocity – CF everytime
    We had wood lovers, aluminum holdovers, Ya we’re that old, bantams and 10 year olds

    The body motion stays the same with both sticks, the compression and rebound with CF accelerates the shot.
    Example= 10 year old stationary snap shot top of circle. Kid who hits the top corner without effort using a carbon fiber stick. Using a wood stick he has to move into the dot to be consistent.

    Personal proof, at 45 years old I can take a slap shot from the dot inside the circle and hit the net at the opposite end with the puck in the air, again and again. I couldn’t do that when I was in college.

    Is it worth the cost at $200.00 (We get the sticks at around a $100.00)? I really don’t know, what I do know is that they work and they need a warranty that matches their failure rate.

    • Craig;

      What a great post, really informative and helpful. I think the best statement comes at the end and really gets to the core of the issue……”what I do know is that they work and they need a warranty that matches their failure rate.”

      If you read this reply, what I would like to know if you can tell me is. How bad is the failure rate at the younger level you coach? I know at the HS and 16AA level it is really high.

  2. Todd Knipfel says:

    I agree they need an extended warranty at the price, but as consumers we can choose not to purchase them if we are unsatisfied with their durability. Mario Lemieux used wood well into his career and I recall him being able to shoot and handle the puck quite well. A composite stick may offer some advantages,but overall it will be the players desire and commitment to improving his or her skill level which will determine their success.

  3. dave hill says:

    First off I think they should ban the use of these sticks in mite & squirt.

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