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Head Contact – IIHF Video

As many of you know, head contact and concussions are a serious problem in the sport of Ice Hockey. There are many efforts being put forward to educate our players, coaches and parents on the seriousness of the issue.  Team Comcast has even taken the extra step to test all of their players prior to the start of the season, so they will have a baseline result should any player be concussed during the season.

I applaud that effort and I am encouraging all member clubs to consider doing the same. We will gather more materials and will be asking the AMHL Board to make preseason testing a requirement for Peewee classification and above.

Please see the attached video that was created by the IIHF and passed onto us from Mike Litchenberger of the USAH Coaching Program.
I encourage you to share this with your coaches, managers, parents and players.

I am sure you can see the seriousness of this issue and will support a comprehensive effort within your club.

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