Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills


The D must create good gap control as soon as the play is identified as 2 vs 1 to limit the attacker’s options and slow down the attack. The fewer passes the attackers are allowed to make the easier it is for the goalie as it cuts down on the need for re-positioning.
The D’s initial positioning is between the attackers initially with one hand on the
stick and stick extended from the body.
The D must keep their head on a swivel to check the positioning of the player off the puck.
The stick can be used to push the puck carrier wider or lure him into
making a pass before he’s ready.
As play progresses below the tops of the circles, the stick should be pointed a bit more toward the puck carrier than directly in front of the body to cut down on
the space between stick and skates that attacker could use to pass the puck.
The defender should shade slightly toward the player without the puck. The D cannot allow a pass to get through once the puck is below the tops of the circles
If play continues below the dots, the D uses two hands on the stick to react on attempted passes. The D’s body positioning should be at a 45 degree angle to help in denying a pass.
At this point, the player with the puck will be forced to shoot. The D maintains two hands on the stick and is prepared to react to any rebound
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