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Update from Columbus Tier I Tournament

Had the pleasure of speaking with Ken Hitchcock of the Blue Jackets. He was here to watch a friend’s son from the Dallas team. Real down to earth guy with a deep love of the game.

Spent a few minutes with John Markell the head coach at Ohio State. For a guy like me who coaches high school hockey spending a few minutes with a D1 head coach was like meeting a rock star. Coach Markell was here to evaluate a handful of players on the tier I teams. There are so many talented players at this tournament and this is only ten of the 25 teams in the league.

I asked him “how cool is it to coach a D1 team” and he said “it’s a wonderful experience, with some headaches from time to time”. I was surprised to see him here by himself instead of just scouts from the team, but he said that he needs to see the players himself to determine if he wants to recruit them.

So far even though the team is 0-1-1 it has been a really good experience. Looking forward to tomorrow’s games against Cleveland and Columbus, should be excellent competition.


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