Coach Nielsen's Ice Hockey Drills

Neutral Zone Forecheck

Here is a fairly detailed explanation of one version of the NZ forecheck defensive system.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    who checks who on the NZ Trap when the winger on the wall gets the puck back to his defencemann who passed it to him

  2. Anonymous says:

    on the 1-2-2 NZ Press what happens when d1 makes a pass to his Center, who checks who

  3. Bobby says:

    What about other forechecking strategies? The 2-1-2 is widely used and some teams use the 1-2-2 or the 2-1-2 but will go to a
    1-1-3 LW lock late with a lead. The Bruins use a 1-4 forecheck and have been very successful with it in recent years. Tampa Bay copied the 1-3-1 from Europe and now the Penguins are using it moderately aggressively and as a NZ trap late with a lead. Every team uses a 1-3-1 for their Power Play setup as well so that has gained steam since TB used it with some success in 2011 under coach Bouchier.
    I like your video explanations but I think you can do much more. Like showing what a 1-2-2 looks like aggressively and moderately. Same with the 1-3-1 which I personally like because it can be used as a NZ trap and can create more offense off the rush from NZ turnovers. It’s also very creative and intuitive. I know some about the NZ assignments but there’s a lot to it I don’t know.
    I think for young kids and coaches you can teach the 3 zones in the defensive end. The Hit Zone, Support Zone, and the Net Zone. These are game situations more than drills but some can be formed around them to help coaches teach players.

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